Schavemaker Logistics Solutions

From the first of September we started with a new company called Schavemaker Logistics
Solutions. This company focus itself on the following mission:

  • Connecting multiple disciplines and modalities to create an integrated logistic concept that
    secures the requirements and wishes of the customer.
  • Ensuring the level of service to the customer and taking responsibility in the optimization of
    your logistic chain
  • Challenging ourselves and our stakeholders to improve your logistic chain within the
    constantly changing world

The above mission is supported by the slogan Challenge us!

The main mission of SLS is to connect all the disciplines and our knowledge that we have in the group to sell clients an integrated logistic concept. During the past years everybody in the Schavemaker Group gathered a lot of specialized information in many logistic and transport niches. In a constantly changing world SLS wants to give clients the feeling that they are in charge of this process. We want to invite everybody with this knowledge to join us in selling new logistic concepts to new and existing clients.

Schavemaker logistics solutions

Why a new warehouse in Moerdijk?

We are active in Moerdijk for many years with our intermodal connection between Wroclaw (Poland) and Moerdijk (CCT). In view of the current trends and concrete questions that we receive from the market, we started looking for a suitable warehouse in Moerdijk.

From the beginning of this year we started to develop contract logistics. Because of the existing connection and the multimodal solutions of Moerdijk, we were interested in this area. The branch Breda wanted to develop itself to become a broader orientated logistical supplier. The idea is that besides transportation, contract logistics has to be part of the logistic chain to connect multiple disciplines within the Schavemaker Group.

From September this year we started with a small office in Moerdijk at an external logistic company to attract new clients into the new activity in the area of Moerdijk. After a few months the next step is set by using this new attractive warehouse in Moerdijk. Besides the contract logistic activities we also provide cross-docking, bulk and pallet storage and racking. We want to become a logistical hub for the Schavemaker group and its new and existing clients.

The warehouse at the Fazantweg 4 in Moerdijk is over 7.500 m2. We will be fully operating in this new warehouse from the beginning of December. We are now busy with the development of the warehouse, thinking of certificates, bonded warehouse, racking an other things.

Schavemaker Logistics Solutions

Contact details

Schavemaker Logistics Solutions
Fazantweg 4
4971RR Klundert (Port of Moerdijk)

schavemaker logistics solutions